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Best HDTV deal ever

Best HDTV deal ever

It's just a few days until Thanksgiving. Which means that for hardcore shoppers and gift-buying bargain hunters, it's just a few days until brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers roll out their best deals of the year.

We've been telling you for weeks about great deals on this year's hottest gifts, including the artificially intelligent Hello Barbie, drones, tablets, wireless speakers and the roly-poly "Star Wars" doll, BB-8. But, each year, some of the truly best prices are reserved for TV sets.

You'll find low-priced TVs on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and just about every day this holiday season. But, even the best bargain shopper hasn't seen a TV deal this good.

Amazon, on Thanksgiving Day, will have an HDTV set for $150. But this isn't an everyday TV.

It's a 50-inch, high-definition TV that some people are calling, "the best TV deal ever." If there's a catch to Amazon's HDTV set, it's that this TV doesn't have a brand name.

Still, it's a large-screen HDTV for $150. In the meantime, check out Amazon's Black Friday deals, which are already underway.

Plus, keep an eye out for retailers matching Amazon's $150 deal. None have announced that they'd match it yet, but don't be surprised if some do.

Bonus: Before you head out on Black Friday, be sure to check out the exclusive Komando.com guide to Black Friday Deals. It's continually updated, so keep reading Komando.com.

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