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Don't fall for fake IRS scam calls

When we say "scam," you probably think of phishing emails or malicious Facebook posts, but the most common type of scam in America is actually the phone scam. With everyone on their guard against scams on newer technology, scammers find a more success on older technology.

One of the phone scams that keeps coming back is the IRS scam. It popped up again recently in Berkshire Country, Massachusetts, and could be spreading to your home soon. You need to know how it works before you pick up the phone so you aren't fooled.

The IRS scam involves a caller pretending to be from the IRS. They'll claim that you have unpaid taxes and if you don't send them the money via wire transfer or prepaid debit card right away, they'll have the police arrest you.

In another variation, they might say that you have a refund you didn't know about and they need your bank account information to transfer the money. They might ask for your Social Security number and other sensitive information to prove you're the right person.

The prospects of going to jail or getting more money are enough to fool every typically cautious people, especially when the IRS is involved. So, here are five ways you know that these calls are fake.

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