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This little Wi-Fi stone secures your smart home

This little Wi-Fi stone secures your smart home

The Internet of Things is the future of technology that is already here. Whether you're closing your garage door from a smartphone app or monitoring your home's Wi-Fi connected camera while you're at work, you're living the IoT future.

Soon, many gadgets in your home will be connected to the Internet, so that you can keep tabs on your home, even if you're thousands of miles away. If you want to turn on the lights, or turn off your home security system to let someone in, you can do all that.

That's a great revolution in the way you take care of your home. But, there's a downside that a new product from Dojo-Labs is trying to fix. Your security.

Cybercriminals prove time and again that they'll hack into your digital devices. They use your webcam to spy on you, or listen in on your conversations over your baby monitor. And they're up to no good, including demanding ransom to let you back into your system.

Dojo has developed a security system to monitor all your home's Internet-connected devices. It has two components: one is a device that connects to your wireless router. (See photo above.) The other part is a cute blob, or pebble, that looks like a rock.

That part of Dojo has a light on top. It can show red, to alert you to a security problem, or green, if your IoT devices are secure. It's portable, so you can keep it somewhere where you're more likely to see it than underneath a desk in your home office. Dojo also has an app, to send you alerts.

Dojo is continually monitoring for zero-day exploits and other security problems. It updates your Dojo via the cloud.

Dojo monitors all your home's devices. It learns which devices regularly connect to your network, then lets you know if any other device is trying to connect to your network. It will also alert you if your devices are sending out information.

Dojo says it does not use any personally identifiable information about you. Instead, it monitors patterns of usage, then alerts you if it sees any usage patterns it doesn't recognize.


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