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Turn on this new Amazon feature now

Turn on this new Amazon feature now

The steps you need to take to keep your account safe from hackers have evolved over the years. It used to just be a short password that no one could guess. Then you had to have a longer, more complex password and a security question no one could guess. Even that wasn't enough, however.

Finally, sites started adding something called two-factor authentication, or two-step verification. To sign in using this system, you need both your password and a code sent to your cellphone. The idea is that a hacker might get your password, but probably won't have access to your cellphone, so they won't be able to get into your account. It's clever, but it's taken sites a while to adopt it.

At this point, most of the major tech players, such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft, have two-step verification available. Find out how to turn it one for your accounts on each of these services. There was one company, however, that hasn't adopted it, until today.

Amazon has finally added two-factor authentication to its accounts, so you have another option to keep your credit card and shopping history safe. Of course, you still have to turn it on.

Go to Amazon and click on "Your Account" in the upper right area.


In the Settings area, click "Change Account Settings." It might ask you to enter your login information again.


Then next to "Advanced Security Settings," click the "Edit" button.


Then click the "Get Started" button and Amazon will walk you through setting up the two-factor system.


When you're done, your account will be much safer. Just note that if you stay logged in to Amazon on your computer, anyone who gets on your computer will still have access to your account. So, be sure to set up a password for your computer account and lock it when you step away.

Keeping hackers out of your shopping account is good, but they can still trick into giving up information other ways. Learn the signs of three dangerous online shopping scams so you can avoid them.

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