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There are 5 ways to know this email is fake: How many can you spot?

Here at Komando.com, we're always telling you to watch out for fake emails, but spotting one can be tough sometimes. So today, we're going to show you a fake phishing email we just got and you get to see if you can spot the five reasons you should be suspicious.

Just to let you know, two of the reasons are going to be tough without having the real email in front of you. However, these are things you should look for in any email you get, and we'll tell you how later. That being said, here's the email.


From: "Amazon" <xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: We Have an issue with your account
Date: November 17, 2015 at 10:08:28 AM MST
To: xxxxxxxxx
Reply-To: xxxxxxxxx

Dear Amazon.com Customer,
During our usual security enhancement protocol, We observed multiple login attempt error while login in to your Amazon account .
We have believed that someone other than you is trying to access your account for security reasons,
We have temporarily suspend your account and your access to online Amazon and will be restricted if you fail to update

Ready to find out how you did? Keep reading for the answers. We'll start with the two hardest ones.

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