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Which day is worst for malware?

As chaotic as the world seems sometimes, most things actually move in patterns. For example, there are good and bad months to buy certain items, and there are good and bad days to buy airline tickets and fly.

According to a study from a security company called Cyren, there are also good and bad days for phishing attacks. While these are always a threat, there's one particular day of the week when it gets much, much worse.

That day turns out to be Friday. Yes, while you're looking forward to the weekend, hackers are looking forward to stealing your information and draining your bank account.

According to Cyren, the number of phishing emails with malicious attachments sent around the Internet on a Friday is 2.25 billion. In comparison, Monday is just 600 million, which is still a lot.

One of the reasons Cyren gives for this difference is actually based on how people, specifically employees, feel about Fridays. On Friday, employees are looking forward to the weekend and generally paying less attention to security than during the rest of the week. So hackers take advantage of that.

Even if you aren't at a business, the increase in phishing messages means you're more likely to get one on a Friday as well. Make sure you know how to spot one before it's too late.


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