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Windows 10 releases its first major update

Windows 10 releases its first major update

When Microsoft announced Windows 10, it said that 10 was going to be its last major release. That didn't mean Microsoft was abandoning Windows, just that from here on out its going to be releasing regular major updates to 10 instead of a brand new operating system.

The first of those major updates, called either Threshold 2 or the Windows 10 Fall Update, is finally here and rolling out to Windows 10 machines today. Your Windows 10 computer should install them the next time you restart. So, what does this major update contain?

Actually, there's nothing you might consider that big. You'll get a number of general bug fixes and security updates that should make Windows 10 run a bit smoother. There are cosmetic changes that bring third-party apps, and older parts of the Windows system like context menus and system icons, more in line with Windows 10's new look.

Behind the scenes, you can now install apps to external storage, which is handy for Windows 10 tablets that support SD cards, such as our new KomandoTab2. This means you can install more apps without using up the internal storage. While the KomandoTab2's 32GB of internal storage should be fine for most people, the ability to use up to 64GB of external storage as well doesn't hurt. Learn more about the KomandoTab2 and why it should be your next tablet, and could possibly be your next computer.

There were a few updates to the Microsoft Edge browser, including the ability to sync your favorites, settings and reading list between Edge on several gadgets. Still no extension support like Firefox or Chrome have, however.

Good news for people using local Windows accounts: You can now use the Cortana personal assistant without an online Microsoft account. So, you get the benefit of her searching ability and voice-activated commands without so many privacy concerns. Of course, she still will be keeping track of what you're doing so she can do her job.

Overall, there are no huge changes or additions, which is good news if you've finally gotten used to the way Windows 10 does things and you're tired of relearning everything whenever Microsoft launches a new product. If Microsoft sticks to its plan of well-tested incremental updates, it could be a win for everyone.

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