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Popular iOS app steals your usernames and passwords

Popular iOS app steals your usernames and passwords
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If strange things have been happening with your Instagram account, your login may have been stolen. So far, it's estimated that hundreds of thousands of accounts have been compromised. Is yours one of them?

The culprit isn't Instagram itself. Another popular app that works alongside Instagram is where the information breach happened.

InstaAgent was recently pulled from Apple and Google stores because it was caught "harvesting" usernames and passwords. The app was downloaded half a million times, and was presented to consumers as a way to see who was visiting their Instagram profile.

What consumers didn't anticipate was having their own login information collected and sent out to an unknown server. InstaAgent was also caught using these login credentials to post spam from users' accounts.

Regions hit hardest include the United Kingdom and Canada, where the app was most popular. However, many users downloaded the app in the U.S. If you happen to be one of them, you're at risk of having your information stolen and should delete the app immediately. InstaAgent is also known by the name, "Who Viewed Your Profile."

As a further precaution, anyone who believes their information has been compromised should also change the passwords to other social media accounts. Especially if the username and password are identical, or similar.

An event like this goes to show how important it is to carefully review apps before you download them. While Instagram advises against installing third-party apps that don't follow the same community guidelines, it has no way to control that.

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