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Which phone OS is hardest to hack?

Which phone OS is hardest to hack?
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If we asked you off the top of your head to name the least secure mobile operating system, it's a good bet you'd say "Android." You'd probably say that because you've read our daily newsletters and regularly see strings of stories about Android hacks and flaws that affect millions of gadgets.

It turns out that you'd be right. Most security experts agree that Android is the most vulnerable to both in-person and remote hacks, mostly because it gives users a lot of freedom to do what they want. It's designed to work on tons of gadgets and any manufacturer can tweak it however it likes, often introducing security holes. But let's go the other direction and ask what the most secure operating system is.

There's a good bet you'd answer that question with "Apple's iOS." And it is a more secure operating system than Android, although it isn't perfect. However, according to hacker and security expert Steve Lord, there's one that's more secure.

You might have forgotten about it, but it's Microsoft's mobile OS, either Windows 10 Mobile or the older Windows Phone. Part of the reason is that Microsoft has a long history with security matters on computers and can bring that knowledge to its mobile offerings.

The other reason is market share. Windows Phones only make up 3% of the phones out there, meaning hackers are more likely to spend their time looking for flaws in the more popular operating systems. This is the same reason Apple Mac users didn't have to worry about security problems until more people started buying them.

Lord recommends if you're buying an older phone that can't upgrade to the latest version of its operating system, to go for a Windows Phone first, then a BlackBerry, and finally an iPhone and last an Android. Older versions of iOS and Android are going to have unpatched security flaws. Both Windows Phone and BlackBerry gadgets are safer.

Speaking of BlackBerry, it might restore Android's name for security. Learn about the new BlackBerry Priv smartphone and the security it adds to Android.

Make sure that the gadget you use now is as safe as possible. Learn the seven essential steps you need to take to secure your smartphone or tablet.


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