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Amazon's huge smart-home sale

If you're a regular Komando.com reader, you know your house is about to get a lot smarter. The Internet of Things will have your devices connecting with the Internet, so you can remotely program them, but also so they can communicate with one another.

That future is already underway. In fact, attention holiday shoppers!

You can snag savings of up to 50% on IoT devices for your home that'll make great gifts, but which you can buy for yourself, to make your life easier. Smart home gadgets are on sale on Amazon today. These devices will make your family's homes safer and their lives more convenient.

Home automation products on sale include electronic deadbolt locks for your home. Criminals can pick any standard locks, but a security code may keep them out. Plus, it's really convenient when your kids or visitors come home before you get there. They just type in a code you give them to get in.

Also on sale are Wi-Fi programmable thermostats; garage door openers you can monitor from your smartphone; Wi-Fi programmable irrigation systems; smart home security systems; and more.

Are you ready to join the Internet of Things by making your home smart? Check out this Komando.com Flash Tips for IoT devices that'll make your house smarter.

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