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Every car needs this awesome tech to stop thieves

Every car needs this awesome tech to stop thieves

It wasn't how Tesla owners Cary and Katya Pinkowski thought they'd spend their evening — but after everything was over, it did have them saying "It was so much fun!"

Funny thing is, they're not talking about taking their new Tesla out for a spin. What they're actually referring to is tracking the thief who did. Because of their car's tech, an event that could have been horrible left them laughing.

When returning to the parking garage after attending a concert, Katya noticed that something was odd. She had her keys, but her car was gone. She called the local towing company to see what was going on, but they hadn't seen her Tesla.

Her next call was to Cary, who pulled up the Tesla app on his phone, where he saw that the car was in motion. The couple realized at that point that their car had been stolen, and they were watching it happen in real-time.

With the thieves unaware they'd been discovered, Cary was tempted to mess around with them. The app allows you to honk the horn or open the sunroof remotely. But Cary called the police instead and provided them with turn-by-turn directions to the car's location. A few hours later, the thief was apprehended, and the Tesla was returned to its rightful owners.

This whole ordeal could have been worse. The car was stolen because a spare remote key had been left inside, which gave the thieves access to the vehicle. But recovering the car would have been nearly impossible without Tesla's vehicle tracking technology.

Tesla isn't the only car company that's including this type of technology in their vehicles. Mercedes-Benz and GM have models available with similar systems. But features like this are considered upgrades, so they haven't yet become standard in regular vehicles.

Should they be? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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