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People are paying $10 for this silly cactus app

People are paying $10 for this silly cactus app
Photo courtesy of Lucky Cactus Developers

Toss that old rabbit's foot in the garbage. You don't need it for good luck anymore. Now, there's an app for that.

Praise for the good luck app Lucky Cactus has been pouring in. Consumers are thanking the developers, giving the app credit for helping them pass exams, avoid car accidents and even survive near-death experiences. This wouldn't be that odd if the app was free, but the strange thing is that consumers are willing to pay $10 for this "lucky" download.

How did the app's popularity spread? Well, that's unclear. There aren't any misleading claims by the developer in the App Store. In fact, all the developers say about the product is, "Lucky Cactus is a state of mind. Tap it. It may or may not give you luck."

Lucky Cactus

There are no instructions for use beyond that. Should you make a wish before you tap it? After? Or maybe while you tap it? Should you chant some sort of message that ignites the power of the cactus and wills good things to come from the universe? No one is sure. But according to consumer reviews, the cactus works. Period.

Lucky Cactus is currently number 51 on the iTunes top 100 paid apps list. It is available for both Apple and Android users and has a 4-star rating. So far, the $10 fee hasn't stopped consumers who are eager for their own chance at luck.

It's difficult to say if the app's success is legitimate, or manufactured. It's possible that consumers are actually mocking the product. We've seen this happen before. You might remember the "rave reviews" for the BIC Retractable Ball Pen For Her, where women flocked to Amazon and left comments like, "My lady hands just can't handle any type of pen anymore."

But when you read some of the consumer reviews, it seems there are many users out there who actually believe the product works. Here are a few examples:

Oh my GOD. by Littleredsunshine So as I'm on my way home from a wedding. I stumbled across a Facebook post opening my world to Lucky Cactus. I looked it up on the App Store & like most.... Made "that face" at the 9.99 price tag. Why would I pay TEN DOLLARS for an app where all you do is TAP some cactus and you get "lucky". But on a whim, I said screw it& tapped it for a few minutes.... I am not kidding you, about an hour later I'm in the back seat as my husband is driving and my friend is in the passenger seat, passing a petco entrance, this little girl runs out of the store... (Not in our vision because there is a car illegally idiling outside, blocking any view of the door) she skids, the car taps her (note: she is completely UNHARMED) & she falls. I do what any good person would do and I get out of the backseat rushing inside to find her parents. I immediately found her father and told him what happened. Offered to give him our name and number, but he trusted us and she kept saying it was her fault cause she was running into the parking lot not paying attention. She was visibly unharmed and I'm very thankful because it could have been MUCH worse. We could've been taken to court for the lack of attention of a child or she could've been in far critical condition. All in all, I'm beyond happy she's in 100% good health, and I thank my lucky stars..... Or the lucky cactus app ;)

I'm a believer by Taylorlols299 I actually got this app for free somehow. I didn't really expect it to work at first. The night that I downloaded the app I didn't think much of it so I just tapped the cactus a dozen or so times thinking to myself "let something lucky happen to me." Fifteen minutes later, my classes the next day are cancelled. I didn't use the app for a week or so until I decided that I wanted some luck again. I was feeling really tired and didn't want to go to work so I tapped my cactus hoping that work would call me and tell me I didn't have to go in. A few hours later I get a call from my manager saying I can go in late (giving me just enough time to take a nap). I'm not saying it is directly related to the cactus, but it sure does seem like it helps. I love this app. It gives me the confidence I need.

And it's not just in the app store. Lucky Cactus is also buzzing on Twitter.

What do you think? Would you be willing to pay $10 for an app like this, or do you think consumers are being fooled? Let us know in the comments below.

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