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TV networks may hold their best shows off Netflix

Netflix has taken over and revolutionized not only the way we watch movies, but TV shows as well. It's great news for the consumer and for Netflix as a company, but TV networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and more might soon begin to fight back - CBS already has.

The argument is that TV networks that sell their reruns to Netflix, while benefitting from the tremendous popularity of the site, are losing money in the long run. Big-time TV execs say that instead of selling their networks' old episodes to Netflix, they should be using those old episodes to build and expand on their core business and their own streaming options.

For example, if AMC didn't sell the rights to old episodes of  "The Walking Dead" to Netflix, in turn, AMC would (in theory) see an increase in cable subscriptions, therefore bringing in more money. So in order to watch  reruns or new episodes of "The Walking Dead," you could only do it on AMC.com or with the AMC app.

In fact, this is exactly what CBS announced it is doing just yesterday. With new episodes of Star Trek on the way, CBS announced that all of the episodes will be available inside CBS All Access streaming service, for $6 a month - and nowhere else.

This problem reaches across several other networks as well. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch and Discovery CEO David Zasla, are all on board with changing the way they do business with streaming services, even if it means less money for a temporary amount of time.

However, Netflix told its shareholders not to panic, claiming that it still has tons of content to choose from. And it's true. Netflix has ramped up its original content, so that's something to keep an eye on too.

What do you think? How will this disrupt streaming? Let me know your thoughts by posting in the comments below.

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