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Software predicts next year's weather

Software predicts next year's weather

If you've planned a wedding, or one of your children is about to get married, you know there are so many details to worry about. There's food to be catered, dresses and tuxedos to be purchased, and a couple of hundred wedding invitations to send out.

But, while all that will eventually come together, there will always be details you can't control. People who RSVPed will cancel at the last minute. And, maybe the wedding singer gets laryngitis the night before the wedding.

But nothing is more unpredictable than the weather. In fact, if you're planning a wedding a year or more in advance, the weather will nag at you the whole time. Although, that may be changing.

Remember those "Old Farmer's Almanacs," the books with long-range weather forecasts? Farmers used the books to plan what they'd plant, and when and where, months in advance.

That's the idea behind WeatherPlanner, which makes 7- or 10-day forecasts seem archaic by comparison. WeatherPlanner uses a proprietary algorithm, based on 100 years of weather records, to predict the weather a year in advance.

WeatherPlanner is great for planning a wedding or another special event. If June 10 is going to be a washout, plan it for June 17 instead.

WeatherPlanner says that it's just making it easy for everyone to access information that has been available to big companies for some 60 years. Companies that transport tons of goods every day, like McDonald's and Wal-Mart, use it for logistics.

If they know with some confidence that it'll snow or rain this day next year, they can make adjustments. Now, you can too.

Do you think WeatherPlanner's forecasts will be accurate? Let us know in comments.

Note: Do you want a great weather app for your mobile device? Watch this "Kim Komando Show" video for eight reliable weather apps.

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