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Every single LAPD officer is getting this new gadget

Every single LAPD officer is getting this new gadget

There have been so many accusations made against cops the past year, when they've injured or killed suspected criminals, that many police agencies now say the safety of you and your family may be at risk. That's because there have been so many demonstrations about police brutality that they're holding back in making arrests, lest they be accused of wrongdoing.

Without video evidence in cases like a Missouri cop killing teenager Michael Brown last year, no one really knows if they are at fault or not. So, demonstrations against police for their brutality keep happening, including this past week in New York City.

So, cops are holding back, or even not stopping to intervene in crimes. They don't want to use justifiable force, only to later be accused or arrested for it. Body cams will help.

Now, the city of Los Angeles is the largest police department outfit its officers, all 7,000 of them, with body cams. These cams record a cop's interaction with suspects just like cameras mounted on cop car dashboards do. Taser makes body cams that cost about $400 to $600; they've sold some 53,000 to U.S. police departments so far.

Having video footage of their encounters will help them to back up their side of their story with proof of what happened. No more he said/he said arguments. And, hopefully, cops will feel more comfortable making arrests and stopping crimes in progress, if they know they won't be wrongly accused of what they did.

If so, other police departments around the country will start making it mandatory to use body cams, and dash cams. However, controversy still seems to be swirling around cops, this time for body camera policies.

Specifically, the ACLU wants the Justice Department to stop funding the L.A. Police Department's body cams program until it changes its body cam policy. Cops are allowed to review video footage before showing it to investigators. Keep reading Happening Now, and we'll let you know what happens.

Note: If you're a regular Komando.com reader, you know that cops aren't the only people who benefit from having a camera record what they are doing. You'd benefit from a having a webcam mounted to your car's dashboard.

If you or your children get in a car accident, who are the cops going to believe? Your kids or the person who hit them? Well, even the cops and your insurance company can't dispute video evidence.

For instance, check out our new Komando Rotating Dual Lens Dash Cam in The Shop. It uses a powerful suction cup to mount to your dashboard, and it produces high-quality 1080p video. It can also be used as a still-image camera, to gather additional information about an accident.

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