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Weird new eye emoji mystery solved

Weird new eye emoji mystery solved
I Am a witness

Remember when I told you all about Apple's mysterious new emoji? Case closed. Apple revealed what the mystery emoji actually means. Trust me, it's a lot more meaningful than the original guesses.

Is it teenage code for "parents are watching"? Nope. Is it a reminder from Homeland Security that if you see something to say something? Kind of. Is it a reminder that the NSA is watching you? It could be, but no.

Instead of these things, the emoji defined by the Emojipedia as "Unicode character that joins two or more other characters together" is actually part of an anti-bullying campaign.

The emoji is part of I Am A Witness, a campaign to combat bullying. When you see bullying online, people of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors are encouraged to use this emoji to help show your support for the victim. Victims can also use the emoji to report bullying to others.

See an offensive post on Twitter? Use the emoji to let the world know that you're not OK with it. Then, use the same emoji to show your support and spread some love instead of mean and hurtful comments.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 1.44.18 PM

To get the emoji on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to update to iOS 9.1. You can do this by going to General>>Settings>>Software Update. Android users will need to download a separate emoji keyboard, which you can get here.

For more helpful information on bullying and what can be done to both prevent and stop it, visit the I Am A Witness site.

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