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Now you can review people like you review a restaurant

Now you can review people like you review a restaurant
Peeple / Facebook

People all over the Internet are having a fit about a new app that hasn't even been released yet. Negative comments have flooded its Facebook page and traffic to its website caused it to crash. What type of app could get so much attention?

Being referred to as the "Yelp for people," the app is called Peeple, and it lets users rate ANYONE online, publicly, without consent or the option to opt out.

Ratings on Peeple will come in the form of three categories: personal, professional, or romantic. If you are posting about someone, you must have that person's cellphone number, so they can be notified when a review about them is posted.

Once posted, the review can't be taken down, unless the site's terms of service were violated. Otherwise, users will need to report inaccurate reviews to the site's managers.

It's also interesting to note that positive reviews will be posted immediately and negative ones will sit in a private queue for 48 hours in case there is a dispute. Negative reviews also won't be posted about you unless you've signed up with Peeple.

Many fear that this will be an app strictly for cyberbullying and unwanted negative attention and trolling. See just a few of the comments on Facebook to see what I mean.

But one of the app's founders, Julia Cordray defended her app when she told the Washington Post, "People do so much research when they buy a car or make those kinds of decisions. ... Why not do the same kind of research on other aspects of your life?”

The ladies behind Peeple claim it's not their intentions for this to be a negative app, but rather spread the good about people and being a helpful tool while providing valuable information about a certain person. Think of it as a combination of Facebook, LinkedIn and Yelp.

And it's just that pitch that has Wall Street excited. As of September 28, Peeple was valued at $7.6 million.

However, as stated earlier, this app isn't a reality just yet. Cordray also told the Washington Post that Peeple is still being Beta tested and she's willing to delay the official Peeple launch if she finds that users want the opt-out feature added along with other changes and modifications.

What do you think? Will "Yelp for people" be a helpful tool? Is it an invasion of privacy? Let me know your thoughts on this controversial new app by posting in the comments below.

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