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Selfies killed more people than sharks did

Selfies killed more people than sharks did

Many people are terrified of going in the ocean for fear of dying in a shark attack. After all, sharks are deadly predators and there's a whole week dedicated to the sharp-toothed fish.

But, in reality, the giant shark in the ocean is actually less dangerous than the smartphone in your hand.

As of this year, up until August, there have been eight confirmed shark attack deaths. And that is two fewer deaths than the confirmed number of selfie deaths. There could be tens or hundreds more deaths due to selfie taking but later attributed to other causes.

We've told you about the people who were injured while trying to take a selfie with a bison and the man who was killed by a train while trying to snap a quick selfie on the tracks, and they're not the only ones making the news for this new type of morbid trend.

There was a teenager from Texas who died after trying to pose for a selfie with a loaded gun. The gun went off and the teen was killed instantly. Then there's the story of the pilot and passenger who both perished after their plane crashed outside of Denver, Colorado.

“It is likely that cell phone use during the accident flight distracted the pilot and contributed to the development of spatial disorientation and subsequent loss of control,” the National Transportation Safety Board investigators said in their report.

Besides the fact that you're far less likely to be eaten by a shark, the risks of taking selfies also extends out to your health. There was a recent outbreak of lice which ended up being attributed to selfie taking at school.

“Teenagers don’t usually get lice because they’re not sharing hats and things like that. And lice can’t jump, so the only way they can transmit lice is touching their heads together, and that’s happening with all these photos," Wisconsin physician Sharon Rink told a local news outlet, WBAY.

This all just serves as a reminder to stay hypervigilant about surveying your surroundings - especially while taking a selfie. And don't get too close to anyone's head, you never know who has what illness or bug!

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