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Meet the smartest robot vacuum ever built

Meet the smartest robot vacuum ever built

You have a Roomba, right? Well, if you don't, you'll want this one.

The Roomba is that disk-shaped robotic vacuum that rolls around your house picking up dirt from carpets, wood floors and tiles. You don't have to do anything, except charge it up once in a while, and sit back with your glass of wine while Roomba does the dirty work. Literally.

Well, Roomba has gotten a whole lot smarter than you may remember. For starters, if your house gets dirty while you're out, say your cat knocks over a plant, you can tell Roomba from your smartphone or computer to do its job. You come home, the place is clean, and Fluffy is licking himself like nothing ever happened. Plus, Roomba is quietly in its port getting charged.

This isn't your mother's Roomba. What it is, is an exciting new development in you not having to lift a finger.

The new Roomba 980 is jazzed up with loads of features that'll make you feel like you're living in the next century, when robots do everything you don't want to. As long as you don't mind shelling out $899 for it.

Here are some of Roomba's new tricks. It can still roll around your house, vacuuming. Now, you can program Roomba to stay out of certain areas of your house, maybe where you keep precious antiques.

With a Wi-Fi connection, and your Android or iOS device, you can remotely tell Roomba to start vacuuming. On its dashboard, you can see what Roomba has been doing while you were out.

But those aren't even Roomba 980's best new features. Now, if Roomba is running out of battery power while cleaning your house, it will send itself back to its charging port. Once charged up, it'll head back out to finish the job.

Plus, 980 fixes one of Roomba's most frustrating faults. If you've ever used a Roomba, or another robotic vacuum, you can watch it clean and clean one section of your house, and continually miss a spot. That's frustrating, but it's fixed. Now, Roomba is smart enough to know when it has missed a spot. It does that by creating a map of the room it's cleaning, using its cameras and sensors.

The new Roomba 980 sounds great, if you don't mind the cost. Now, about that glass of wine.

Note: If you're worried that hackers can tap into your Roomba's maps, Roomba maker iRobot says those maps are deleted each time Roomba finishes cleaning.

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