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Beware: New ATM malware eats your card

We've been warning you about ATM skimming for quite a while now, where hackers get your card's information and PIN by inserting their own tiny devices into the cash machines. Click here to learn how to spot card skimmers. Now there's a new threat at the ATM, and this time hackers are trying to take your card.

This works via malware infecting the ATM. FireEye Labs, a cybersecurity company, discovered this new malware, known as SUCEFUL. It calls the malware's abilities "shocking and never seen before in ATM malware."

This malware, which FireEye believes was created on August 25, works on Diebold and NCR ATMs. With it installed on the ATM, it can read your credit or debit card's magnetic strip AND chip, as well as read your PIN - but it can also make the machine retain your card, and eject it after you've left for the hacker to steal. The SUCEFUL malware can also suppress the ATM's sensors to avoid detection!

This is scary stuff, and FireEye Labs says it's the first ATM malware ever that can steal your physical card. Of course, cards get stuck in machines for other reasons, too. You should have your bank's phone number stored in your phone, and if your card gets stuck, don't take your eyes off the machine. Call your bank and alert them.

For more information on how to protect yourself in the digital world, visit the Komando.com Security Center. And for the latest news on cybersecurity, hacks and what to do about them, check back often to our Happening Now page.

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Source: FireEye
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