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Will the new iPhone violate your privacy?

Will the new iPhone violate your privacy?

We've been telling you about a lot of the enhancements that Apple is introducing in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus that will be in stores on Sept. 25. (You can pre-order it now.)

There are features like 3D Touch, where it can sense how hard or soft you're touching the touch screen. It'll show you different content, based on that. Plus, the new iPhones will have more memory, and much better cameras than even the really good ones on the iPhone 6. The 6s and 6s Plus also have a new operating system, iOS 9.

However, there are a couple of really cool features that have people worried about their privacy. Specifically, have you heard about Live Photos? That is iPhone's new, mini-video feature. Just take a photo, and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus automatically capture 1.5 seconds before, and after your photo, capturing motion and sound. There's also the voice-activated personal assistant, Siri, who's now always listening.

With Live Photos, the concern is its always-on functionality. Turn on your iPhone camera, and you'll see an orange circle (it looks like a little sun). That's Live Photos, and it's on, unless you turn it off.

The concern is, what is it recording, and who's seeing those recordings? It turns out that, while Live Photos is always recording, it only saves the 1.5 seconds before and after you're taking a photo. What's more, those GIF-style moving images are saved separately from photos, even though the motion and sound, and the still image are all captured when you take a photo. You can also send the moving images, if you want to, but the person receiving them must also be using iOS 9.

Meaning, when you decide to share your photo with someone, say emailing it to them, you can choose just to send the photo, not the moving images.

Similarly, Siri's always-listening mode isn't being shared with anyone, even Apple, until your iPhone hears your specific voice say, "Hey, Siri." Until then, though, Siri is on, and listening for your "Hey, Siri."

If you find Siri's always-listening capability unsettling, there's a simple solution. During the iOS 9 download, Apple gives you the option to activate Siri, or not activate it.

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