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Airline pilots aren't worried about drones. Here's why

Airline pilots aren't worried about drones. Here's why
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We read a lot about the dangers of unmanned aerial vehicles. A lot of folks are scared about their privacy and about the dangers these remote-controlled helicopters could pose as they become more common and less expensive.

But do you know who isn't that worried? Professional airline pilots.

Despite there being 700 reports of drones by pilots this year, most aren't concerned about the small unmanned aircrafts.

Drones themselves don't pose much of a physical risk to larger airplanes mainly due to the sheer difference in size. The real danger occurs when something gets sucked into an engine. Large birds the size of standard drones have been known to cause abrupt emergency landings.

Even though drones aren't that big of a safety risk, that doesn't mean pilots and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aren't taking these incidents seriously.

"I'm not going to kid myself and think that there aren’t people out there that might be interested in causing some trouble," FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. "Anyone who thinks that it's cool to fly an unmanned aircraft near a large commercial airliner on approach to an airport needs to understand that … we will find them."

With over 1 million estimated personal drones zipping through our airspace, it is only a matter of time until a small drone concern turn into an emergency situation. Luckily, pilots are being trained and prepared on how to deal with these pesky gadgets.

So let's hope pilots are able to stay calm, cool and collected if issue arises.

Update (9:25 AM - 9/14/15): A previous version of this post included a video purporting to depict a drone colliding with an airliner. That video is a known fake and has been removed.

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