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Don't fall for this free diamond ring scam on Facebook

Don't fall for this free diamond ring scam on Facebook
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Win a free diamond ring or a new Audi? Count me in! And all you have to do is click "Like" on Facebook for a chance to win. Except it's just another scam.

Anti-virus software company Avast is warning about these scams on its blog. Quite a few different Facebook Pages have been offering the Audi, according to Avast.

Here's what the post looks like:


You might think it's harmless to click "like" on the off chance you could actually win. It's not like the fake Pages can suck up your data, right?

The scam perpetrated by the fake Pages offering these giveaways is called "like-farming." Once a fake Facebook Page has a lot of "likes," it can be remade to use in other scams, or it can be sold to someone who wants a large audience to scam.

Another one Avast warned about purports to be a Tiffany diamond ring giveaway. Since some companies do legitimate Facebook contests, you have to look into these a little closer.

Here's the post:


But when you click on the "Tiffany & Co" page this is connected to, there's something missing - two things actually:


There's no period after "Co" and the Page isn't verified by Facebook. You know a Facebook Page is verified as legitimate when it has a blue circle with a check mark, like the Kim Komando Facebook page (which we encourage you to like, if you haven't already).


Here's what the real Tiffany & Co. Facebook Page looks like:


A word of advice - if something on Facebook (or in your email) looks too good to be true, it probably is. Don't forget about the "verified" Page check mark either, because there are legitimate contests on Facebook.

Bonus: The Komando contests aren't on Facebook, but you could win an Epson WorkForce EcoTank Printer or a Komando Wireless Weatherproof Camera by clicking here.

When you come across a Facebook Page that seems suspect, DON'T click on it, even if a friend has shared it with you. And let whoever shared it know that they're perpetuating a like-farming scam.

Most importantly, you can report the scammer's page by hovering your mouse over the top right corner of the post and clicking "Report post." We see way too many Facebook scams these days - make sure you're informed about all the new ones by returning often to the Komando.com Happening Now page.

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