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Apple will unveil the mega-iPad on September 9

Apple will unveil the mega-iPad on September 9

Trusted sources close to Apple are saying that the company will be unveiling two new iPads at the big September event. One of them will be the long-awaited iPad Pro, which could be as big as a laptop screen.

But there will also be another iPad released, according to sources, and it's going to be great.

The iPad Pro is rumored to be Apple's newest iPad gadget. And from the leaked looks of it, it's awesome.

This amped-up tablet is rumored to be the biggest, most useful and intuitive iPad ever released, and we're hoping the rumors are true. We suspect the iPad Pro will be roughly 13 inches with microphones and speakers at the top and bottom of the gadget, instead of just the bottom.

Contrary to late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' claim that no one needs a stylus for a tablet, the iPad Pro could have one. It would help you navigate through pages and screens and an improved keyboard so writing Facebook posts and sending emails will be easier than ever. The Pro will be equipped Touch ID for banking and transactions and it would be able to connect to Wi-Fi as well as work with a cellular plan.

Of course the iPad Pro will have the latest operating system iOS 9 built in. This means you will be able to use split-screen, Apple News as well as the brand new Music app to jam out to your favorite tunes.

With iOS 9 on the iPad Pro, you'll be able to streamline your online shopping purchases with Apple Pay and secure your iPad even more with a useful 6-digit pass code.

All of these features may seem like Apple is trying a little too hard, but critics are claiming this is the new, more portable laptop. Children will be able to use it at school to help with science projects and college students can complete their thesis research.

Even for day-to-day use, the iPad Pro will be able to replace your clunky, old laptop with a faster processor, better features and more maneuverability. You can listen to your music, read your eBooks and it won't break your back to carry it with you in a bag.

After the disappointing launch of the iPad Mini 2 and 3, it's time to give customers something to look forward to.

Word around the street is that the latest version of the iPad Mini would be a shrunken iPad Air 2. This means that it would have all of the same key features like Touch ID to make online payments, a 9.7-inch LED display, rear iSight 8-megapixel camera and a lightweight design.

Apple hasn't mentioned a peep of this to the public, but a Japanese blog Mac Otakara claimed that it had the details of the latest iPad Mini gadget.

If Mac Otakara is right, there will be an announcement of the iPad Mini release alongside the release of the iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro. Who knows if the iPad mini and iPad Pro will be enough to pull Apple out of its longstanding iPad slump - only time and sales reports will tell.

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