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Watch out for these dangerous 3-D printed 'hacker heels'

If you're worried about hackers stealing your ID, you probably aren't looking at their shoes. You should be.

A Chinese hacker who goes by the name SexyCyborg has posted proof that she can gain access to secure buildings, with hacker equipment like malicious flash drives tucked into her shoes. She calls her shoes the wu ying, or shadowless shoes.

The barely dressed hacker created these shoes with nothing more than a 3-D printer. The normal-looking, fashionable high-heel shoes concealed secret compartments.

In those compartments are hidden hacker tools, like a wireless router with a rechargeable battery. In the other shoe, she has an Ethernet cable, a USB keystroke recorder and pick to unlock doors. She has everything she needs to access a company's Wi-Fi, and then steal its users' passwords.

She says she is able to walk right through an office building's entrance, as security guards look on. No one notices her 3-D shoes, and certainly not the hacker tools hidden inside them.

To prove her real-life criminal skills, the would-be hacker SexyCyborg posted pictures of herself and her 3-D shoes on social media site reddit. Worse, she also released her how-to guide for other hackers to create their own shadowless 3-D shoes.

The lesson here is, you should be worried about hackers accessing your ID and other personal information online. But you should also be worried about the real-life hacker who's walking through your door.

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Source: ZDNet
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