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Another Android flaw lets hackers take over your phone

Another Android flaw lets hackers take over your phone

Just when it seemed like Android's biggest troubles were behind it, in comes another security flaw for the 950 million Android smartphones around the world. You need to know about this new threat.

Google's Android has been pummeled lately with malware that takes over your phone, even recording your private phone conversations, and stealing your ID and other personal information. That's scary.

First we told you about Stagefright, then Certifi-gate and then . These dangerous bugs come in as easily as through a text message. "Ding," and you're done. Google has been issuing patches.

Now, there's a Task Hijacking risk that takes control of your smartphone. It takes advantage of vulnerabilities in Android's multitasking feature, where you can run more than one app at a time.

Hackers can take control of your smartphone, and infect with malware and ransomware. With ransomware, hackers take over your smartphone until you pay them what they want. Which could be money, or even compromising photos or videos of yourself.

Cybersecurity experts at the USENIX Security 15 conference in Washington, D.C., announced this Android vulnerability. They have made Google aware of the problem. However, a Google representative says this threat may be overstated, while noting that knowing about it helps them make Android smartphones more secure.

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