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Own a home in these 9 states? Google will help you go solar

Own a home in these 9 states? Google will help you go solar
Google / Project Sunroof

How high are your energy bills each month? If you're in Phoenix like us here at Komando.com, they are pretty high in the summer, with temperatures reaching 115!

With that in mind, have you been curious about adding solar panels to your roof to help cut those costs? The idea of paying less for power or even getting paid for what you pump back into the grid has never been more attractive.

But how feasible is it for YOUR house? How much sun does your roof see per day? How much will solar panels cost? There's also the initial frustration of getting set up. How many panels do you need? How do you get them installed? And so on.

But thanks to new efforts from Google, figuring out how much sun your house gets, and getting connected with solar panel professionals, won't be as hard as you think.

Introduced in August, Project Sunroof is the latest of the green energy projects from Google and it calculates how much you could save with solar panels, based on real evidence. You see, Google Maps keeps data on every property in the world, so it can use that data to tell you how much sunlight your roof gets in an average day.

With that data, it can then tell you what you can save and how long it would take to earn back your initial investment. It also shows you a 3-D model of your roof, historical cloud and temperature patterns, as well as all of the possible sun position over the course of a year.

Next, Project Sunroof can connect you with local solar panel professionals, so you can get set up with installation, if that's the case.

Project Sunroof started out in Boston, San Francisco and Fresno and now it's expanded to nine states: California, Massachusetts, Arizona, Connecticut, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Nevada and North Carolina.

If you're in one of these lucky areas, click here to visit the Project Sunroof site and see what you can save!

Let me know your thoughts about Project Sunroof by posting in the comments section below.

Source: The Verge
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