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Bears hate drones, too

Bears hate drones, too

We get emails all the time saying you're bugged by drones. They're buzzing overhead and you don't even know it. And who knows why they're filming you and what private data they're collecting?

Guess what? You're not alone. Animal researchers in Minnesota have found that bears in the wild also freak out when a drone's overhead.

Odds are these bears aren't worried about their privacy. But that irritating buzzing sound raises their heart rates.

You may be wondering how in the world anyone knows this. It turns out that drones are extremely useful for scientists studying animals in the wild, in this case Minnesotan bears.

The drones get up close to animals that can otherwise be dangerous, in treacherous parts of the woods that scientists can't safely get to on foot.

Scientists from the University of Minnesota, St. Paul, wanted to make sure their drone research wasn't adversely affecting the bears. So, they put collars to monitor heart rates on four bears.

Then, they sent drones over these bears to see how they'd react. Each bear displayed signs of stress. When drones were overhead, their heart rates skyrocketed. When the drones left, the bears' heart rate went back to normal.

The UMN scientists are now taking their research one step further. They want to see if the bears will get used to the drones, and less stressed over time. So, the drones are still overhead!

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