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Warning for pregnant women: Be careful posting baby bump photos on Facebook

Warning for pregnant women: Be careful posting baby bump photos on Facebook
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Did you read that extremely disturbing story we posted about the creepy "BabyRP" trend? This one is just as outrageous. If you're pregnant, you should be very careful about posting progress photos of your belly.

Your Facebook pictures are in danger of becoming a hot commodity for perverts.

Several major birth organizations around the world have issued a warning this week about a small group of people who are using fake names and Facebook profiles to gain access to these massive birthing groups.

The people use the names "Afina Petrescu" and "Afina Sabina Olar-Spanu" on their fake profiles. Once they're given access to the pages, they post fake belly bump photos and ask others to share theirs with them. Once the operator(s) of the fake profiles receive the photos from the unaware expectant mothers, they post them on preggophilia websites.

The sites are ones where they exploit pregnant women in a sexual manner, often without the consent of the women featured on the sites.

The Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBU), New Zealand Multiple Birth Association and Multiple Births Canada, which assist parents with twins, triplets or more, issued this warning to their members:

We have been informed of a bogus person joining or attempting to join Facebook groups and our administrators are on high alert. Pregnancy is a sacred time. Photos should be shared with whom you choose, in the way that you wish, not stolen for the gratification of others. We've issued warnings on AMBA's Facebook page but we wanted to raise the alert as it's an international problem and it's not just related to those expecting twins, triplets or more.

If you see any profiles with the names of "Afina Petrescu" and "Afina Sabina Olar-Spanu," make sure to report them to Facebook as a fake profile. This will prompt Facebook to launch an investigation into the profile and remove it in a fast manner.

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