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One computer brand warns against Windows 10

One computer brand warns against Windows 10
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Thanks to Microsoft's free upgrade offer, computer users are moving to Windows 10 in droves. Microsoft says 14 million users upgraded in the first 24 hours, and it's aiming for a billion in two to three years.

For some people, Windows 10 is a smooth upgrade and great experience, but other users are having trouble. For instance, earlier this week some users got caught up in an endless reboot thanks to an update that conflicted with certain graphics card drivers. For other users, it's basic things like the sound or other simple hardware not working correctly.

In most cases, the problem is incompatible hardware drivers. Drivers are basically small programs that make sure Windows and other software can use the computer's hardware correctly. Your computer has a driver for your sound card, webcam, mouse, hard drive and everything else.

Windows has a lot of generic drivers built in that work with a wide range of hardware, but some hardware still needs very specific drivers to work right. And not every driver has been updated to work with Windows 10.

This is especially a problem on laptops, which tend to need more specialized drivers than desktops do. That's why one former computer maker is recommending its users NOT upgrade to Windows 10 right now.

That manufacturer is Sony, and it telling its VAIO customers to hold off on upgrading for now. In fact, it gives this rather emphatic warning on the VAIO support site:

To ensure your VAIO PC works with Windows 10, it is strongly recommended that you wait to upgrade your PC until the drivers are ready.

As to when the drivers will be ready, that's a bit trickier. For computers that came preinstalled with Windows 8.1, Sony says it should have updated drivers ready sometime in October 2015.

If your system came with Windows 8, that date becomes November 2015. And if your computer originally ran Windows 7, it appears Sony isn't going to provide updated drivers. Sony says outright that "Sony will not be providing support for all models that qualify for [the Windows 10] upgrade."

Given that Sony no longer makes the VAIO line, or any computers, it isn't surprising that it's moving slow on this. That's not a lot of comfort for VAIO users who want to get Windows 10, however.

Sometime this month, Sony will be releasing information on what models of laptop will get upgrades. For the Windows 7 systems it will be releasing "Information regarding Limitations and Issues." I guess at least you'll be able to tell what won't work on your computer if you upgrade.

If you're a Sony VAIO owner, you can keep up with the latest news on the VAIO support site.

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