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Major airline hit by major data breach

Major airline hit by major data breach
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Another day, another hack of U.S. companies from an outside government. At least that's what it's beginning to feel like.

Today's news comes from two of the largest travel companies in the country. American Airlines and Sabre Corp. were both the targets of a cyberattack that seems a little too familiar.

Those investigating the breaches say it bears a striking resemblance of the recent hack against the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) earlier this summer.

According to Jordan Robertson and Michael Riley of Bloomberg Business, "Enough of the indicators lined up in the American and Sabre breaches to lead to the conclusion that the attacks were the work of the same group that struck OPM, Anthem and United, the people familiar with those incidents said."

Sabre Corp., which handles reservations for thousands of airline and hotel companies, actually confirmed that its internal systems were breached while American Airlines has remained hesitant to officially confirm a hack.

Analysts that are working to resolve this issue say that American Airlines may have been accessed from the Sabre servers since the two companies share a bit of their infrastructures. The hackers poked around in both systems for months before triggering alerts in the systems' security protocols.

Even though the hackers rummaged through the systems for a prolonged amount of time, Sabre says its customers shouldn't be too worried about personal information being released.

“We are not aware that this incident has compromised sensitive protected information, such as credit card data or personally identifiable information, but our investigation is ongoing,” Sabre officials said in a statement to the public.

The two companies claim to assist over 1 billion customers every year, so it's easy to see why hackers would be interested in accessing customer files. As of now, we don't know exactly what type of information was compromised and how many people might be affected, but stay tuned to what's Happening Now for the latest details.

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