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For $5,500 you could buy two Jet Skis or this Ethernet cable

For $5,500 you could buy two Jet Skis or this Ethernet cable

A round-trip vacation for two to Tahiti would set you back somewhere around $5,500 depending on where you fly from. Or for that same price, you could buy a new matching pair of Jet Skis. Or you could buy this one 8-meter long Ethernet cable on Amazon.

It looks like a joke. We thought it might be a joke. It's not a joke.

AudioQuest's ultra-high-end 8-meter "Diamond" Ethernet cable is selling for $5,494.75 on Amazon. The name's a tad misleading - there are no diamonds involved, though the contacts are 100% "Perfect-Surface Silver."

The Diamond Ethernet cables are intended for audiophiles who want perfect sound coming through their wires with no data-loss. AudioQuest, the manufacturer, boasts of the "directional" importance of the cables - they have arrows on the connectors to ensure you have your data flowing in the optimal direction. Never mind that Ethernet cables by their very definition are bidirectional.

Here's AudioQuest's pitch for shelling out thousands on an Ethernet cable:

AudioQuest's Diamond RJ/E is a directional Ethernet cable made with the same hallmark materials, philosophy, care and attention that is applied to all their interconnects, whether it's an entry level introduction to hi-fi or a died-in-the-wool music connoisseur.

We're not the only ones who got a laugh out of this high-priced tech bauble. Here are a few excerpts from Amazon's customer reviews.

"In addition to the digital information, this cable lets you transmit analog signals such as love, tea, the color green, and the feeling that you get when you first step into a warm bath."

"One grueling surgery later, I had replaced my spinal cord and the major nerves in all 4 of my limbs with these cables. As I came to, he tried to say something to me but I heard it so perfectly, in every color of sound and emotion of the rainbow... that my brain couldn't even comprehend it."

"The first music I put on was "Elvis - Aloha from Hawaii". The sound and imaging was so spectacular that the sweet scent of peanut butter and banana sandwiches on Elvis's breath came out of my speakers every time he exhaled."

Have you encountered ridiculously overpriced real tech items for sale online? Tell us about them - or your experience with the AudioQuest Diamond RJ/E Ethernet cable - in the comments below. And check back often to find out what else is Happening Now.

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