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88,000 Android tablets recalled after batteries explode in flames

88,000 Android tablets recalled after batteries explode in flames
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It's become one of the more popular Android tablets in the country because of its blistering performance. This tablet is one of the best hand-held gaming options on the market. But now it's actually blistering, as in burning hot.

At least four have overheated and caught fire, and now the manufacturer is recalling 88,000 units.

Nvidia Shield tablets are the ones taking all the heat, literally. But if you own one of the defective products, don't stress too much. The company is willing to replace your tablet with a working one for free.

You don't have to send your old tablet back in the mail, you just need to register for a replacement tablet through the Tablet Recall site. But, before you can check to see if your tablet is one of those that needs to be replaced, you need to make sure your software is up to date.

To do this, turn on your Nvidia Shield and go to your Home screen.

Tap the Apps icon >> Select the Settings icon >> About tablet >> System Updates. You will see the date of the latest software update. If your tablet has an update from July 1, 2015, or after, then you are ready to see if your tablet's make is the one affected. 

Fortunately, this recall applies to tablets with a specific battery type. To verify your battery's make, you need to go back to your Home screen. 

Select the Apps icon >> Settings >> About tablet >> then select Status. From there, you will see a Battery category. It will list either Y01 or B01. If your Nvidia tablet says you have a B01, you're in the clear. But if you see Y01, you need to apply for a replacement tablet.

There is a built-in recall app on your tablet, so if you see Y01, click on it and launch the application. If the app doesn't give you the opportunity to register for the replacement, you can apply on the Tablet Recall site

Important: Before you turn in your old tablet, make sure to back up all the files. Once you turn on your replacement tablet, your old one will be rendered inactive remotely and your information will be swept off the gadget. 

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