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The new Microsoft browser has brand new security issues

Yesterday's release of Microsoft's Windows 10 saw Microsoft introduce a new browser to replace the aging Internet Explorer. Called Microsoft Edge, it's supposed to be faster and more secure than its predecessor. However, according to several tech reviews that came out in the hours since its release, cyberattacks are still very possible on Edge.

On the plus side, Microsoft's hard work has paid off to a point. Analysts say Edge is more secure than Mozilla's Firefox and is almost as secure as Google Chrome. On the downside, Edge still has potentially serious security flaws you need to know about.

The biggest worry is hackers attacking the Adobe Flash video player plug-in, which is a problem we've been telling you for months. Flash has been riddled with one security problem after another and, each time Adobe makes a fix, hackers find another way to get in to ruin your computer.

That continues with Windows 10's Microsoft Edge. In fact, analysts say because Windows 10 has an Adobe Flash plug-in already installed, Edge could pose a bigger security risk than Microsoft's old browser did because Flash is now harder to disable or uninstall.

"This could also become a potential target for an attacker looking for a way into the Edge browser," said TrendLab's threats analyst Henri Li, in a post yesterday. He warns of a potential problem that recently plagued Firefox: crash errors.

Hopefully, Microsoft will adjust Edge so Flash is easy to disable, like it is in other browsers.

There will be a lot more security risks coming to light as more people start using Edge. Keep reading our Happening Now page for news updates on Edge security headaches.

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