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See leaked photos of the new iPhone 6S

In addition to the Force Touch feature, the iPhone 6s is rumored to have a much better camera and video recorder. The images show improved microphones and even a new design to help solve the bending issue that happened with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The sleek design and impressive hardware is what makes the iPhone such a flagship Apple gadget, and according to these photos it's getting even better.

Check out the following pictures to see what Apple has up its sleeves for customers. It looks like we're in for a treat!

Images of the front plates being scanned by warehouse employees:

Apple s iPhone 6s revealed as leaked shots show screen of handset Daily Mail Online


Images of possible interior layout and external shell:

iPhone 6s 2015 The Next Model Everything We Know

These leaked images show a thin but sturdy design and a large screen. Only time will tell what the final product will really look like.

Important: Remember to stay tuned to the Komando Tips page this week for the full sneak peek into the latest iPads and iPhones rumored to hit stores later this fall!

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Source: Daily Mail
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