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Hacking group claims to have proof of Sandra Bland's murder

Hacking group claims to have proof of Sandra Bland's murder
Image courtesy of ABC news

Have you been following the case of Sandra Bland in Texas? It's all over the Web.

The official report labeled her death as a suicide, but now the Anonymous hacking collective has come out claiming to have proof she was murdered in police custody.

A video posted by the hacking group on YouTube claims that Bland didn't kill herself, but was a victim of a senseless murder in an attempt to cover up police mistakes. We're not sure that's the case but this is what the video claims:

  • Anonymous sites several contradictory police records about the cause of Bland's death including the use of marijuana within the jail cell that clouded her judgment.
  • The next big claim was that Bland was already dead in her mug shot. This is due to "evidence" about the way her body was positioned on the camera and the attire she wore in the picture.
    • The jail she was sent to doesn't put its detainees in an orange jumpsuit until they are fully admitted.
      • The mug shot taken by police clearly shows Bland in a bright, orange jumpsuit.
      • If you look at the jail's online records page you will see proof of this.
    • The rest of the mug shots on the jail's site show detainees standing straight up, with square shoulders and their backs off the wall.
      • In Bland's mug shot she was seen pressed against wall, looking dazed and away from the camera.
      • Her dreadlocks were also floating up and away and her face appeared as though gravity was pulling her features down toward her ears.
      • Anonymous claims that this body positioning clearly shows that Bland was lying down on the floor when the mug shot was taken, already dead.

We're not sure what to believe, but the idea behind a police cover-up is startling to say the least!

Do you think Sandra Bland was a victim of murder or was the autopsy enough to end the suspicion? Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.

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