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$48.5 billion AT&T-DirecTV merger could lower your Internet bill

$48.5 billion AT&T-DirecTV merger could lower your Internet bill
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It's one of the biggest telecommunications deals in recent memory. We're talking $48.5 million big.

AT&T has bought DirecTV in a major buyout. But unlike the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal nixed by the FCC, this one could actually lower your prices, and it's all thanks to competition.

With over 26 million combined customers, this merger will serve an enormous chunk of the United States population. To ensure that the merger didn't run away with the public's money, the FCC imposed several conditions that must be met by the huge telecommunications company.

“The proposed order outlines a number of conditions that will directly benefit consumers by bringing more competition to the broadband marketplace,” said FCC Chair Tom Wheeler in a public statement.

The deal between AT&T and DirecTV was approved under the conditions that the telecommunications and TV companies expand their Internet options for all levels of service, as well as expand pricing options for low-income households.

This expansion of products and prices would give the public more options on their Internet and television services. The more options available to the public, the more companies will compete to make sure they're the most enticing to a customer.

Lower prices and more incentives are likely to come from this merger due to the specific conditions imposed by the FCC.

Since the conditions include everything from a premium television and Internet subscription to mobile, wireless streaming on any gadget, you should expect to see your DirecTV or AT&T bill decline over the next few months.

But, as always, we'll see how things actually unfold when the merger is finalized and rolled out to customers.

What do you think about this merger? Will it protect the consumers like the FCC says or will it make it even more costly to find great Internet service?

Let me know what you think by leaving a note in the comments section below.

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