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Marshall's new smartphone goes to 11

Marshall's new smartphone goes to 11

If you're in a band, or know someone who is, you know the name "Marshall." This company has been around since 1960 and makes some of the best and most sought-after amps in the world.

It's a fairly narrow niche, which is why Marshall took the world by surprise when announced it's making an Android-based smartphone called the London. What's that going to be like, you ask?

The hardware itself isn't too stellar. With a 4.7-inch screen, 720p display, 2GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 410 processor, it's on par with budget phones like the Moto E.

It's also a bit on the chunky side for a modern smartphone. But there's a reason for that.

Marshall is sticking with its strengths on this project, which means design and audio. For the design, Marshall took cues from its popular amps, including the power-on light, brass accents and texture of the case.

marshall-london-phone-2_3800.0marshall-london-phone-5_3800.0marshall-london-phone-8_3800.0 REGULAR-SLIDER-1_3800.0

The London also includes an actual volume wheel, rather than the usual volume buttons.


The "M" button on the top instantly launches your music and lets you control it no matter what else is going on.


On the audio side, it has two front-facing speakers backed by a dedicated Wolfson WM8281 Audio Hub soundcard. In addition to MP3, it also handles uncompressed audio formats like FLAC, and there's a global equalizer that applies to any music app you use.


The London includes two headphone jacks so more than one person can listen at a time, and there are two built-in noise-canceling microphones for stereo recording.


It also comes with audio apps like the LoopStack 4-channel recorder and DJApp.

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