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10 ways hackers could theoretically kill you

10 ways hackers could theoretically kill you
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There's a dark side to everything going digital. As if worrying about artificial intelligence taking over the human race or ISIS wasn't enough to make you lose sleep at night, a new report from HopesAndFears.com lists of all the ways hackers can kill us all.

Scary thing is that most of these scenarios are already a reality. Anything connected to a computer network is at risk. It's just a matter of time before hackers can crack the code. Time to get paranoid about the future. Here we go.

1. Remotely hacking smart cars and traffic lights
Hackers have the ability to hijack your car's brakes, control the steering wheel and take over the lock systems. Some even have the ability to take over traffic lights with just a laptop and a tiny budget. Watch the video below to see an example of this scary reality.


2. Opening doors at maximum security prisons
Back in 2013, a computer glitch caused the doors to magically open in a maximum security prison in Miami. Police admitted that the events captured by surveillance systems are suspicious, and that hackers were likely behind the glitch. The video shows what appears to be an inmate awaiting release, and he jumps right out of the doors to go on a stabbing spree.

I doubt we've seen the last of these types of hacks.


3. Drones
Drones can go almost anywhere. Not only can some models escape GPS tracking via GPS Spoofing and land on the White House lawn, imagine what else they are capable of doing undetected.


4. Taking over nuclear power plants
Remember the Sony hack? It was never confirmed who exactly was behind it, but most suspect it was North Korea. The country is also accused of hacking into South Korea's 23 nuclear power plants, in what's being considered an "act of terror."

What about military defense systems? Those can be hacked, too, as we've seen with Germany’s Patriot missile defense system being hacked this year. This means that technically, a hacker could potentially control nuclear missiles.


5. Scrambling air traffic control systems
This recent Twitter incident proves hacking into a major airline is fairly simple for anyone who knows what they are doing. Security researcher Christ Roberts asked his followers if he should hack the plane's systems and trigger the passenger oxygen masks.

Even scarier, just a few weeks later Polish hackers were able to ground 10 flights and delay dozens more at the Warsaw Airport in Poland, leaving 1,400 passengers stranded.

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