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A new Facebook feature multitaskers will love

Facebook, the social media giant, has already dipped into the mobile payment game by trying to adapt the technology behind the popular app Venmo. Now, it's experimenting with a feature that's poised to take on another online powerhouse.

I have a feeling the video streaming site YouTube is going to feel a little threatened when it finds out about the latest Facebook feature. When you want to watch a video on Facebook, you can tap the newest little button that just popped up on the video player.

This tiny little button lets you watch the video in a floating window, so you can keep scrolling through your news feed without missing a second of the video that caught your attention. To see this new button, just hover over the video while it's playing. The icon will be in the right-hand corner of the video player.

Facebook s new floating video feature lets you scroll while you watch

You can drag the floating screen anywhere on your Facebook screen and share the video with your friends at any time. The only things you can't do with this new function are watch the video when you navigate onto a different page or re-size the small floating video screen.

Keep an eye out for the function to hit the Facebook mobile app. Right now, it is only available for the desktop. In its current state, the floating video is basic, but I'm sure Facebook is planning some new development.

Have you seen this feature on your Facebook account yet? Try it out and let me know in the comments if you like it, or if it's just another distraction.

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