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This guy just did the digital version of returning your wallet

There's a good Samaritan named Atechdad out there keeping an eye on your digital security. The online do-gooder has scoured the Internet for stolen passwords and notified nearly 98,000 people that their accounts may be compromised. His emails may appear spammy at first, but if you receive one, don't delete it. The message could contain critical information about your online security.

Atechdad runs a site called urhack.com that's basically a gallery of websites that have been hacked. Since he comes across a lot of stolen passwords in his line of work, he decided to notify people if he saw their email addresses and passwords publicly available online. That way they could update their account information and keep cybercriminals from stealing their stuff.

I run across lots of passwords on the webs. Passwords to bank accounts, Netflix accounts, email accounts - you name it ... I wondered what would happen if I just emailed this information to the people who owned it.

So, he did. Atechdad looked in the dark corners of the Web for compromised passwords and account information. He then sent emails to 97,931 people to the let them know about possible issues with their password. Sadly, most people just ignored his warning.

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