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New policy could reveal your name and home address to anyone

Bigwigs in Hollywood are to blame for the creation of this proposal. With copyright infringements running rampant online, the entertainment companies asked Congress to give them new ways to help seek out violators, and this type of information makes it easier to find them.

The old domain regulations required anyone who wanted that information about a business to get a legal subpoena. That requirement made it harder for ill-intentioned people to get this type of private information and helped weed out cyberthieves and criminals.

Thousands of businesses have already sent ICANN letters and emails stating their opposition to the proposal. But we'll see if the corporation listens to the angered business owners or the frustrated entertainment industry. This decision could directly affect millions of people.

With data breaches and cyberhacks happening more frequently, giving thieves another easy way to access our private information makes me nervous. But what about you? Do you think is a good change or just another threat we have to be worried about? Leave me a comment below.

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