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Instagram is your new favorite travel app

Instagram is your new favorite travel app

Instagram isn't just that app that lets you add filters to your old smartphone photos anymore. That's because the latest Instagram 7.0 update includes a bunch of new features geared toward travelers. Now, it's a great tool for scouting out upcoming vacation spots and locales you want to visit in the future.

The first change you'll notice is on the search page. In addition to receiving a makeover, the page now features a section called Explore Trending Places. It's filled with other users' photos from interesting places from all over the world. The last time I checked my Trending Places section, I saw photos from Wrigley Field in Chicago, Hollywood Bowl in California, Spruce Street Harbor Park in Philadelphia and more.

You can see the Trending Places by clicking on the familiar magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the search screen, you'll see a sliding menu with Explore Trending Places. It also features other cool collections of interesting locations. I just saw one called Towering Rocks that contains photos of beautiful hiking and backpacking nature photos from National Parks.

You don't have to rely on solely on the Trending Places section to see photos of different locations, though. You can manually search for locations, too. You'll find this feature in the search section in the new Instagram 7.0.

instagramYou can search for any location using the Places tab in Instagram's search feature.

InstagramYou can explore cool places around the globe with Instagram's Explore Trending Places collection.

Just click the search bar at the top of the search screen and select the Places tab to get going. The old version of the app only let you search people and hashtags, but now there are tabs for Top, People, Tags and Places.

The Instagram update will also outfit your app with a trending tags feature, so you can keep up with popular hashtags every day.

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