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The U.S. races to defend against future space attacks

The U.S. races to defend against future space attacks
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There's a new space race starting up, and the Pentagon is determined not to lose to Russia and China. It's like the 1950s all over again! But this time, the winner won't be the first in orbit or the first to the moon. It'll be the first to get weapons up past the atmosphere.

The Pentagon and intelligence officials are planning to open a space-war ops center aimed at protecting our satellites from foreign enemies. It seems strange that someone would want to take down something so far away, but doing so could dramatically weaken our international defense systems.

The thousands of satellites above us carry and transmit data to and from hundreds of countries and companies. These satellites are becoming the new battleground of international cyberwarfare, and the U.S. isn't going to be leaving its satellites unprotected.

That's the idea behind the development of this space-war ops center. Maintaining the protection of our precious satellites means safeguarding the surveillance and data-gathering missions that members of the Armed Forces carry out every day. The information they collect protects lives and stops criminals in their tracks before a major catastrophe occurs.

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said Tuesday, at an annual intelligence conference sponsored by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, "We want to be able to establish patterns of life from space. We want to know what the unusual looks like."

He continued, “If, all of a sudden, a lot of cars show up in a parking lot of an adversary’s missile plant, we want to know about it and we want to know about it quickly. If, suddenly, small boats are swarming in the Gulf or pirates are starting to congregate off Aden, we want to know."

These floating targets will not be taken down under the U.S. government's watch, and I think that's a good thing. But how do you feel about all of this space warfare? Let me know if you think this special ops center will help prevent future space attacks or if you think it's a big waste of resources and money.

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