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A popular security program leaked malware onto computers

Lots of people erroneously believe that there's no malware or viruses out there that attack Mac computers. I can confidently tell you that rumor is completely untrue! While there are more malicious attacks against Windows computers, Macs still face their fair share of cybersecurity issues. The latest threat actually exploits a security hole in the security software MacKeeper to install malware on victims' computers.

Cybersecurity professionals at BAE found that the malware sneaks onto Mac computers using MacKeeper. The hackers first redirect users to a malicious website that downloads the OSX/Agent-ANTU malware. They then send a command to MacKeeper that runs the malware.

Ironically, the downloader used a fake malware report to justify any MacKeeper popup that might ask you for your administrative password, thus giving the malware system-wide powers.

There are already reports of hackers using this malware to attack computers. Luckily, MacKeeper developed a patch to fix the security hole that the cybercriminals are exploiting.

MacKeeper quickly patched the hole after it became known, but until you received the update you were at risk of a Remote Code Execution (RCE) hole.

If you use MacKeeper on your computer, make sure you update your software to take advantage of the patch.

If you don't have MacKeeper, but want to keep your Mac safe, visit my Security Center. It's full of security solutions for Macs, Windows PCs and mobile gadgets.

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