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Did you see 'Jurassic World?' You'll laugh out loud at what zookeepers are doing

"Jurassic Park" sequel "Jurassic World" is breaking all sorts of box office records and is expected to earn $1 billion faster than any movie before. But, moviegoers aren't the only ones excited about the film. Zookeepers across the country are also hopping on the bandwagon and recreating one popular scene with their less-than-Jurassic animal counterparts.

The movie stars Chris Pratt as Owen, a dinosaur trainer. In one iconic scene, Pratt's character steps into the ring with three velociraptors and asserts his dominance over the scary-looking dinosaurs.

The scene has sparked a new viral trend that has zookeepers doing their best Pratt impression as they mimic his dominant pose over animals like otters, ostriches and hawks. The results are really funny and you've got to see them.

One of the trainers at the Georgia Aquarium tried out Pratt's stance on three otters. I think he got their attention!

Take a look at this zookeeper from the Hattiesburg Zoo doing her best to control some Hawks using moves from "Jurassic World."

The folks at the Birmingham Zoo flipped the script. In this photo, a Vasa parrot plays the role of Owen and tries to control some unruly raptor zookeepers.

Keepers at The Birmingham Zoo take the #JurassicZoo & #JurassicZookeeper meme to the next level... Vasa parrot takes the...

Posted by ZooKeeper Rick on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Those are just a few of the funny images to come from zoos across the country. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are full of tons of hilarious photos inspired by "Jurassic World."

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