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Adobe unveils a brand new product

Adobe unveils a brand new product

If I say the company name "Adobe," you can probably tell me at least one product it makes, whether that's Flash, Photoshop, Reader, Illustrator, Lightroom, InDesign, Premier or one of the many others.

Looking at that list, you might notice Adobe software helps people create and edit visual media, whether it's graphics, photos, video or books. So, it's a bit of a surprise that up until this point Adobe has been missing a staple of the media world: stock images

In case you aren't familiar with stock images, let me explain real fast. Not everyone has the time or skill to go shoot their own photos for whatever project they're working on. So instead they go to sites where they can buy images from professional photographers.

Some of the photos you'll see attached to articles on my site are stock images, in fact. I've also told you in the past how you can make money selling your own photos as stock images.

Stock images are big business, and, according to Adobe, 85% of people who buy stock images also use Adobe products. So, it just makes sense that Adobe would want to get in on the action.

That's why it's launching a service called Adobe Stock. To start, it will have 40 million images that Adobe got when it bought the stock service Fotolia.

Unlike other stock services, Adobe Stock is going to be built into Adobe's other creative products. So, you can find and load up an image you like without leaving Photoshop, for example.

Even better, you can even make edits on a low-resolution version and include it in your designs. When you decide to buy the image, $9.99 apiece or through a subscription plan, the image switches to the high-resolution version and any edits are applied.

Subscription plans are going to cost $50 for 10 images a month or $200 for 750 images a month. Creative Cloud subscribers can get 10 images a month for just $30.

It will be interesting to see how this affects other stock image services. None of them can compete with Adobe Stock's integration and it is offering a good price. It just remains to be seen if Adobe Stock's library of images can lure people.

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