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Type A or type B: Which one are you?

Type A or type B: Which one are you?
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There has been a Tumblr account gaining Internet popularity that claims to determine if you are a Type A or Type B personality. João Rocha, an art director from Lisbon, Portugal, created a series of images that instantly pinpoint which personality type you are.

All it takes is his collection of 15 pictures to figure it out. Each picture is a collage of two images that you are supposed to select based on your unique preferences. Your selection instantly determines which category you fall into.

If you are a Type A personality, you probably already know it by now. Traditionally, Type A people are neat, organized and punctual, but also suffer from stress and mental fatigue.

If you are a Type B, most likely you're a carefree, creative and artistic. But you are probably also distracted and unorganized. Each personality type has its own distinct characteristics that the images are meant to help you figure out where you lie on the spectrum.

These pictures are things like the image featured below, uncluttered home screens versus home screens with a million unread notifications, hat backward or forward and so on. The image you pick can be very telling about your personality.


Your immediate reaction to the picture on either side can tell you what category you fall under. Neither options are good or bad, and it's meant to be a fun experiment not a diagnosis or decision of any kind.

Tell me which one you think you are and why by leaving me a comment below. You'll be bothered by things that you didn't even know irked you. I tested myself and I think it is pretty accurate!

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