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Google Street View's wackiest scenes

Google Street View's wackiest scenes
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The Internet is full of silly websites, but this one takes the cake. I know you've heard of Google Street View. Now, I want to introduce you to its woolier cousin, Google Sheep View. The site was created as a silly joke by a couple of sheep enthusiasts who decided to compile Google Street View photos containing the four-legged animals.

As for the simply brilliant name, [Ding] Ren says the idea was 100% Freudian slip. "I was asking Mike to look something up on Google Street View and said Google Sheep View by mistake and didn't even realize it. Guess I just always have sheep on the mind," Ren said.

Sheep on the mind, indeed. Before creating Google Sheep View, Ren and his friend Mike Karabinos rode trains around their native Netherlands to look at sheep in the countryside. Now, thanks to their Tumblr website, sheep enthusiasts don't have to hop on a train. They can see the wooly animals right through their Web browser.

Creating Google Sheep View was no easy feat. As you can imagine, most of the shots on Google Street View don't contain sheep. So, Ren and Karabinos decided to focus on the sheep-heavy communities in New Zealand, Ireland and the U.K.

Google Sheep ViewSheep cross the road in Wales.

Google Sheep ViewA huge group of sheep crowd a street in New Zealand.

But, Ren and Karabinos don't have to find all the photos that go up on the site. They now receive submissions from like-minded sheep fans.

"One submission we got today was of three sheep along the side of the road in Iceland and it looks like they are a nice family just taking an evening stroll," said Ren.

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