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Emoji passwords might be more secure

Emoji passwords might be more secure
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First, they took over our text messages. Then, they infiltrated social media posts. They became so popular that Webster's Dictionary decided to add them as an official word, even though they aren't words at all. I'm talking about emojis of course!

Emojis are an easy and quick way to communicate emotions and feelings with others. They're quickly becoming their own language and now I've found the proof.

Remember how I've told you how important it is to use strong passwords to protect your sensitive accounts? You know, the old "use special characters, numbers with both lowercase and uppercase letters" advice? Thanks to a new company out of the U.K., Intelligent Environments, we could soon be using emojis in our pass codes.

Sound crazy? It actually makes a lot of sense. According to a report from the BBC, people remember images more easily, and by adding emojis into the mix, hackers will have a harder time cracking passwords using basic algorithms.

However, hackers get smarter every day and some passwords with emojis still might be vulnerable, thanks to human nature. Former memory champion Michael Tipper told the BBC:

"Statistically it will be harder to crack - but if you're presented with a screen of emojis and you can't be bothered to remember a sequence you're going to pick the ones in the four corners or the top row - and then you are left with an equally insecure technology."

What do you think about adding emojis to passwords? Will it be a valuable step forward in online security? Or is it just as silly as the smiley faces themselves? Let me know what you think by posting in the comments below.

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